Empath Empowerment


Do people tell you that you are too sensitive or emotional?

Do you feel things so deeply that it effects your daily routine?

Do you carry the struggles of your friends and family as if they were your own?

Do others’ negative energy effect you in a profound or deep way?

If so, you may be an Empath! There are many types of Empaths. No matter which kind you are, you have a gift - but it can often feel like a curse until you learn how to take care of yourself, protect your energy, and master techniques to thrive and become the light bearer you were born to be!

Your empathic ability is your Superpower!

I can help you claim it and learn to use it for good.

I’ve heard over and over from empaths that they often feel alone. They feel like their family and friends don’t understand them. Empaths need tools and support. As a group we will come together to support each other in the truth of our experiences. Each week we will:

·  Learn about the different types of empaths
·  Discuss the challenges that come with being an empath.
·  Learn techniques and practices to manage and protect your energy.
·  Have the opportunity to share your experiences in a safe space with other empaths.

·  Learn how to use your ability to spread light in the world.

Your facilitator:

Samantha Englerth is a life purpose coach, healer, intuitive medium – and an Empath!


The Group begins Thursday, April 1st, 2021 from 10:30am-11:45am PST and will continue weekly for 6 weeks until May 6th.

Cost: $225

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