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Love from Clients

·       WOW, was my first reaction to the incredibly powerful experience I had with Samantha’s treatment. It was my first time trying reiki and it was a long distance session, so I really had no particular expectations, but was completely amazed by the depth of what I felt both physically and emotionally during our session. Having known Samantha for many years, I had complete faith in her ability as a healer and am very grateful that I had the opportunity to experience her powerful technique and obvious connection to universal energy. In one session I feel less pain and lighter. I literally laughed out loud, like I haven’t in years, and this continues. I can’t wait to see what session 2 brings! Thank you, Samantha! ~ K.S., Ontario, Canada

·       I recently separated from a 7-year relationship. After my first appointment, I felt a lot lighter, positive and excited about life that week. I even had a good interaction with my ex, and I didn't feel hung over from it. During my second session, it was a cleansing (full of tears) and emotional experience – sadness, grief, excitement and exhaustion. After my third session, I started to feel happy, confident and open. My inner passion returned, as my fear and sadness subsided. Samantha is a powerful woman with an incredible connection to the universe. She has helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I trust her to continue to heal me, and share her gift. ~ A.H., Los Angeles, CA

·       I came to Samantha for treatment due to a severe Epstein-Barr flare up that had been ongoing for 6 weeks. My energy was heavily blocked in my head and upper body. After three consistent sessions of Reiki, I finally experienced some relief. Samantha's work is gentle, straightforward and healing. I will continue to see her, as my overall health has greatly improved. ~ S.T. Los Angeles, CA

·       Samantha is a very gifted healer. She is very intuitive and can isolate areas where she needs to put more focus. Her office is a quiet, serene space and her energy as a practitioner is very soothing and very powerful. I feel completely relaxed and at peace for days after my treatments. I can't recommend her enough! ~ R.M. La Crescenta, CA

·       Samantha is a wonderful healer. I've gone to see her for both debilitatiing stress and major health related issues. Not only is she excellent at jikiden reiki, Samantha really listens and cares. She is a gifted intuitive and taps into my energy effortlessly. I am instantly soothed by her music, spirit and warm space. If you don't live close by it's a beautiful drive and worth your time to see Samantha. I always feel so much better after a session with Samantha. Her hands are magic and melt my stress away. My health issues have improved dramatically since I've been seeing her. ~ S.G., Los Angeles, CA

·       I had never had a Reiki session before, but wanted to try it out. I was referred to Samantha by a friend. This was during a time I was under an extreme amount of stress and having unbelievable anxiety about issues in my life that I felt were out of control. Although my schedule was pretty tight, Samantha accommodated me immediately when I was available. I truly believe Samantha came to me at the exact right time and was by far, the perfect Reiki healer. She immediately made me feel comfortable, warm and relaxed. Samantha was incredibly in tune with needs for both my body and my mind. Her space was beyond inviting, it sent me to a place of complete relaxation and serenity instantaneously. Samantha's touch was so magical that I immediately felt taken away to a different place, sending my fears, worries and anxiety away. I highly recommend Samantha's services as a reiki healer. Anyone who is looking to melt the stress away with someone who is an amazing healer, listener and peaceful practitioner will be 100% satisfied with their session. ~ J.S., Tujunga, CA

·       Scheduling my appointments was the first step to a wonderful experience! The treatment space is a very serene environment that allows me to relax. Samantha is talented and truly a natural at her craft. Her style makes the sessions great experiences. I have suffered from stomach issues and have experienced much relief quickly. Besides physically, I also gain clarity in my mind. Bottomline, I feel like a million bucks after leaving each session. She is flexible and accommodating to my schedule since I drive from Huntington Beach to see her. I look forward to each session and can't wait for the next. ~ K.L. Huntington Beach, CA

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